E Tipu e Rea

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira was fortunate to have expert advise from Dr. Te Orongonui Keelan, which has helped guide us in our practice and provides us with a model of health focussed on Taiohi / Rangatahi.


E tipu e rea mo ̄ nga ̄ ra o ̄ to ̄u ao

Ko to ̄ ringa ki nga ̄ ra ̄kau a ̄ te Pakeha Hei ara mo ̄ to ̄ tinana

Ko to ̄ nga ̄kau ki nga ̄ taonga a ̄ o ̄ t ̄ıpuna Ma ̄ori

Hei tikitiki mo to ̄ ma ̄huna

Ko to ̄ wairua ki to ̄ Atua, na ̄na nei nga ̄ mea katoa.


Grow up and thrive for the days destined to you.

Your hands to the tools of the Pakeha to provide physical sustenance,

Your heart to the treasures of your Ma ̄ori ancestors as a diadem for your brow,

Your soul to your God, to whom all things belong.


Ta ̄ Apirana Ngata

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